Among the artists included in the list of the 100 most expensive artists at auctions, do you know how many of them are women? Seriously, think about it. Are you thinking? Do you have a number in your mind? Keep it there. The right answer is 2. Out of 100, only 2 of the most … Continue reading ART♀STS

REVIEW(ish): T. Emin, ‘A Fortnight of Tears’

‘Ms. Emin's nihilism is so intensely passionate that it amounts to her life force. It is carried (…) primarily by language (…). In this day of multiple media and blurred boundaries between disciplines, it still seems that she might be less an artist than a writer, whose autobiography and hard-won philosophy of life would work … Continue reading REVIEW(ish): T. Emin, ‘A Fortnight of Tears’