how are you?


I hereby present you my first online project that could seem like an exhibition but is not.⠀
I reflected a lot during this quarantine and I’ve often felt out of place online. I didn’t feel like sharing anything because I didn’t want to distract my followers from what I felt was important – thinking about what is happening, about the future, and empowering ourselves and our bodies now that we have the chance to do so. ⠀
I just didn’t have the right idea that would make me run back to my digital, natural environment. I wanted to make the online world reflect on what we’re living, to send some sort of message, to stimulate a reflection about what we, people in the art world, are living. ⠀
Then my brain had a magnificent epiphany, and ‘how are you?’ was born.

how are you? is an online intimate project created and curated by Virginia Bianchi. It consists of a two-week-long narrative developed on Culturush Instagram profile (@Culturush) starting from April 23, 2020. 14 art world professionals are invited to share their personal answer to the question in the title in both written and visual form. These testimonies are then to be uploaded online in the form of Instagram posts, in order to create a long-lasting documentation of what people working in the art world are experiencing during the lockdown.

how are you? aims at highlighting the changes human interaction is undergoing due to the CODIV-19 global emergency. Relationships and dialogues solely happen online, and even a natural question such as ‘how are you?’ turns into an increasingly problematic query to respond to. The unease in expressing intimate feelings through the digital medium is causing a downgrade of human conversations to a set of clichés and platitudes. In this project, a number of art world professionals including artists, gallerists and curators, have been asked to reflect on this topic and to actively resist it through a personal exploration of their inner self. Their most honest thoughts and feelings are, then, going to be shared online in the form of Instagram posts.

how are you? wants to create a safe and genuine digital space where to enter in full contact with one another and, at the same time, collect a profound testimony of the artistic community during these current and troublesome times. In the hope of giving life to new reflections concerning both the present and the future, the testimonies will be grouped in a digital catalogue, which will be available here in due time.


Participants :