You will never forget your first Venice Biennale

November, 24: the closing day of the 58th edition of the Biennale of Venice. Organized by Ralph Rugoff, a world-wide known curator, director of the Hayward Gallery in Southbank Centre, London, it comprises the works of (only) 79 artists and 90 national participations in Giardini, Arsenale and all around the city of Venice. This isContinue reading “You will never forget your first Venice Biennale”

Interview with artist and curator Sarah Sparkes at New Art Projects, London

Hi everyone, sorry if I have been this absent from the blog but the past two weeks have been crazy because of university deadlines and other projects, but from now on the situation will go back to normal! The uploads will be more consistent, and sorry again for these weeks of absence 🙂 We goContinue reading “Interview with artist and curator Sarah Sparkes at New Art Projects, London”


Among the artists included in the list of the 100 most expensive artists at auctions, do you know how many of them are women? Seriously, think about it. Are you thinking? Do you have a number in your mind? Keep it there. The right answer is 2. Out of 100, only 2 of the mostContinue reading “ART♀STS”

REVIEW: Shinkai’s The Garden of Words

Is anyone else thinking that today’s American culture is going through a bit of a crisis? Not only Hollywood – I can’t actually think about the last time I came out of a cinema thinking “Oh, finally a really good movie!” – but also literature, or tv series, even if these last ones are stillContinue reading “REVIEW: Shinkai’s The Garden of Words”

REVIEW: Bill Viola / Michelangelo

Aaand for art lovers, we’re back with another review of an exhibition! (This review is also on Youtube, click here to see it!) I spent yesterday morning at the Royal Academy of the Arts in Piccadilly, London, at the exhibition ‘Bill Viola / Michelangelo: Life, death, rebirth‘, which opened on January 26 and will beContinue reading “REVIEW: Bill Viola / Michelangelo”

The story begins

Finally took the big step forward – can’t believe I am writing my first post! Let me introduce myself: Virginia, nice to meet you, I am 23 and at present I am living between London and Bologna, in Italy. In London I am studying at KCL in the course Cultural and Creative Industries – ifContinue reading “The story begins”