The story begins

Finally took the big step forward – can’t believe I am writing my first post!

Let me introduce myself: Virginia, nice to meet you, I am 23 and at present I am living between London and Bologna, in Italy. In London I am studying at KCL in the course Cultural and Creative Industries – if you are asking yourselves what it is, it can be considered as management of cultural institutions, sort of. We will probably be talking about it more in details in the months to come, when I will be towards the end of my degree (O.O), but in the meantime I am happy to give advices to anyone interested in the course!

I have always been attracted to the online world and one year ago I had the vague idea of opening a YouTube channel, but in the end I never did it because of the fear of exposing myself – I have always wondered, how can they go around filming themselves and talking to a camera?? Isn’t it super awkward? Well, I guess you get used to it, but eh. Moreover I have never had the right perseverance to keep a thing like that going. Not that perseverance is not required in writing a blog – but at least it is more discreet. And now I also feel that London made me more mature and self-organized, and determined. And, now, I feel I can keep up with a project like this.

Culturush, my little creation – I already consider it as a real human being – is the platform where I will share cultural articles, reviews, interviews (hopefully!) and muchmuchmuch more. The main focus will be on art and art galleries and I plan to write an article each week about this topic – uploaded on Sunday. The Wednesday post, on the other hand, will be about other cultural themes which could range from cinema to videogames (yes, videogaming is culture!) and books. But it is not a strict schedule, we will see how it goes!

I want to keep this first post short, so I will close it here – I am always open to feedbacks so feel free to comment, or follow me on whatever social platform, or message me, or send me an email… everything works!

Hope to see you around!

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